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We believe in integrated therapies that effect our minds, our emotions, our physical bodies and spiritually to bring the essence of who we are in our hearts into balance. Neuro-Kinesiology for the lay person is relieving the stress and trauma of yesterday for the essential health of today. Reiki is another energy treatment technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki energy healing is based on the idea that the practitioner  is a conduit for the unseen "life force energy" that flows through us and is what cause us to be alive!  Crystal sonic therapy also known as sound healing uses singing bowls to clear and shift energy which in turn promotes relaxation and healing. 

Therapy for you and your skin!



Yonka Paris professional skin care is the world's leader in botanical therapies:aromatherapy, phyto-therapy, marine therapy and fruit acid therapy. These Medical-grade ingredients provide dramatic 

results with personalized skin care, and treatments for all skin types.  This intergrative botanical science, will re-balance the skin without weakening its immune response. Because Yonka is bio-identical to our skin, our skins natural immune response welcomes these one of a kind organic blends leaving your skin revitalized, rejuvenated , & refreshed!         

April Gaybreal's Wellness 

Summer Skin Resurfacing Event! 

As Seen on Facebook! June 1st 2017 through June 8th 2017 Purchase 3 Diamond Dermabrasion Facials at full price ($150) and get 3 free! $450.00 receive 6 Diamond Dermabrasion Facials! Not to be combined with any other offers, and valid for new customers, and anyone that has not been in for a facial in last 30 days! 

Is your skin feeling dry, flaky, tight, heavy, looking dull, not fresh looking? It's likely your in need of moving many layers of dead skin to refresh your new skin that is concealed under  the surface dead skin! Lets take care of your skin together and give it the tender love and care it needs!

We enjoy providing you thorough skin care with luxurious products and a eur-asian flare leaving you completely relaxed! Some might say " this is not my skin" or "my skin has never felt this fabulous before" and some can simply fall into a deep sleep. With this naturally progressive approach with bio-identical product ingriedients, that naturally peel dead cell build up off the face, allowing for the natural feel of your skin to be present and breathe again. While botanical hydration plumps our fatiqued skin that is organically depleted from our beautiful dessert, you can enjoy a natural glow and youthfulness again in your skin! We look forward to meeting you and your skin!

NEW   Time Resist day & night cream; youth activator, anti-wrinkle, firmness, wrinkle filler!

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